Is there such a phenomenon in your company?
A large number of prepared food and ingredients are wasted,because of the inestimable number of diners.
For instance, when a staff canteen with a scale of 200 people prepares lunch for the next day, if the actual number of diners is 140 people, then there may be 60 meals wasted down the meal, there are 300 meals will be wasted in five days a week, and over a month, up to 1,200 working meals may be wasted. It could not only be wastes of food, but also wastes of labors. In a word, it can be said to be a multiple waste of a company's time cost, labor cost and procurement cost.
 • According to statistics, about 35 million tons of grain is consumed and wasted in China every year, which is close to 6% of China's total grain output.
 • Per capita food waste in China's catering industry is 93 grams per person per meal, with a waste rate of 11.7 percent.
 • In China, 38 percent of food is wasted at big parties and a third of students` packed meals are thrown away.
 • The amount of food wasted in China's urban catering industry alone is as high as 17 million to 18 million tons each year, equivalent to 30 million to 50 million people a year.
The managers seem to need a method to match food and diners more precisely. Is there a more advanced, scientific way to avoid waste?
In 2019, the " YCT On-line Meal Ordering System" developed by YangChengTong company was launched, which adopted the application system of "WeChat Applet for ordering food and facial identification system for meal delivery ".


In our practical application, we find that this set of application system is more convenient, faster and more stable than expected.
Advantages of YCT On-line Meal Ordering System

1.Prepare meals as needed, reduce waste, and maximize the reduction of operating costs
     The absolute advantage of the meal ordering system lies in the opening menu so that the employees can choose , match and order food in advance. For enterprises, they can not only control the eligibility for dining benefits, but also optimize the food material purchasing management to a large extent to avoid loopholes and losses as far as possible.
    Thus, it is necessary to introduce the on-line meal ordering system.
In addition to saving unnecessary imperceptible expenses in canteen operation, enterprises also cultivate good habits that can subtly cultivate employees to save food and drink. If the saved costs can be transferred to employees in another form of welfare, won't everyone work harder? There is no doubt that it can achieve many things at one stroke.

2.   Algorithm system supports make it safe and stable


In terms of the use of facial identification, the process is convenient, fast and accurate, and there will never be the embarrassment of "facial confusion" with others.
YCT facial recognition terminal adopts the international leading face recognition algorithm, supports in vivo detection, and avoids frauds by means of scanning photos and videos.

3.   Flexible and customizable settlement method


Currently, there are two settlement modes available for users to choose. According to the needs of users, they can choose "enjoy first, pay later" or "pay first, enjoy later" for settlement, and the settlement period is usually one week.

4. Easy to operate, provide users with a comfortable experience


      From the perspective of employees, they can get the menu of the coming week in advance through YCT On-line Meal Ordering System (applet) on weekends, so as to select their favorite dishes for reservation. Even if there is an emergency and they can't eat on time, employees can still log in the applet and cancel the order within a certain period of time. When it comes to the lunchtime, the employee only needs to scan his/her face for authentication at the food stall. The system will automatically verify the reservation information of the employee and prompt the status of "successful meal delivery" on the display.
From the perspective of canteen management, the staff in charge of purchasing and catering can prepare food materials according to the number of ordered meals after receiving the reservation information from the staff in the backstage of the ordering system, and control the quantity based on the real head count, which truly prevents waste from the source.

       The YCT On-line Meal Ordering System has been successfully put into operation in many enterprises in the transportation system of Guangzhou, namely, the No.3 Bus Company of Guangzhou, Guangzhou Jumbo Co,Ltd., Guangzhou Transportation Group Logistics Co., Ltd., Bureau of Guangzhou Transportation Enforcement, Guangzhou Baiyun Group, Guangzhou Baiyun Taxi No.5 Branch.


       Facts have proved that “YCT On-line Meal ordering System” has strong promotion and good application effect. In the long run, it must be a necessary "magic weapon" to help business management.