Intelligent Residential Community


       With the rapid development of society and technology, people recently have more needs on residential environment, and residential property services qualities. Like high safety and convenience vegetation coverage etc. Based on these needs of offering an integrate and comprehensive management & service platform tend to be very crucial.

       The Real estate service company can connect the integrated and multi-mode terminal equipment with the secure and stable data center, so as to build a more intelligent property management platform and supporting application software, and finally realize to provide owners with a comprehensive, diversified and intelligent community service system.


       Yangchengtong Company, relying on years of experience and advantages in serving B-end customers, integrates channels and creates  solutions for intelligent residential community as follows:

       • To build an integrate platform, so as to add service accesses for various Applications 

       • Set up an integrate account system in which users’ basic information and account for all type of scenic around the residential park would be included

       • Adopt the H5 as the technology development mode, and cooperate with property management companies flexibly

The H5 mode could be applied into the original App, WeChat official account, and Applets of property management companies

       • Modes of identification:It could be set flexibly according to the different needs of safeguard,and the mode of online identification is the original set.


Elements of intelligent residential community


1. Access control system

(1) Application scenario: including the gate, entrance hall, elevator, public facilities area, machine room, electricity meter room, water meter room, etc.

(2) Permission management: Access area can be assigned according to the type of user, which can be accurate to buildings and elevators.The security level is set according to the scene, and you can choose a single or multiple identity authentication mode.

(3) Read and identify: Background account management system and front-end facial identification device are adopted. Besides,The Facial identification device can support smart IC card reading synchronously.

2. Parking lot management

       YCT smart parking lot comprehensively applies technologies of wireless communication, mobile terminal, positioning , GIS and others;to provide parking space collection, management, query and navigation services so as to realize an integration service of real-time update, query and navigation of parking space.


☆Pass through smoothly, reduce congestion

Automatic license plate recognition, quick pole lifting, improve traffic efficiency and enhance user experience.

☆ Parking Utilization Maximizing

Temporary parking, long lease of parking Spaces,  access to visitors and other ways of multiple use.

☆ 24h automatic monitoring, saving human resources

High accuracy plate recognition + Online management platform

☆ Centralized monitoring and remote management

The vehicle can be remotely monitored by mobile phone or computer, and the vehicle information and parking space allowance can be grasped in real time

☆To meet the various needs of users

It can meet the special needs of parking management in residential areas, commercial squares, supermarkets and hotels.

☆Big data analysis and integration

Through the big data analysis system, the detailed business report is automatically generated to provide decision support for the car yard operation.

☆ Customizable billing method

Different billing methods can be set according to user categories to realize automatic billing and bill generation. Support WeChat, alipay, union pay online, offline payment pay channels as well as the background.

3. Multi-storey parking management

       Multi-storey car park can effectively solve the problem of limited space and large parking demand. YCT Intelligent Residential Community Multi storey Parking lot solution, not only to provide vehicles in and out of the warehouse identification, intelligent parking space selection/allocation, empty space reminder, intelligent car search and other intelligent information services, and support automatic 90-second parking to pick up cars, robot parking and other artificial intelligence technology applications.

(Vertical circulation stereo parking garage with 8-10 layers)



(Mechanically moving parking lot with 3-6 layers)


(Rotatable lifting parking lot)


The garage type including semi-automatic garage, lifting horizontal type, simple lifting type, vertical circulating type, special lift for automobile, automatic garage, horizontal circulating type, multi-storey circulating type, plane moving type, roadway stacking type, vertical lifting type, parking robot.

4. Micro payment system

       Based on the unified management of accounts in the community, the exclusive background fund account of users is established to realize the all-scene one-card in the community.

       YangChengTong Company has been operating in the field of micro-payment for nearly 20 years and has served more than 1,000 cooperative partners. With plentiful experience, it can provide stable and high-security payment management solutions, which are convenient to use and make users feel at ease. The system can support smart IC card, face recognition, mobile phone NFC, QR code and other modes.

5. Community canteen management

(1) Adopt the mode of background management + online ordering.

(2) Features:

• effective to avoid food waste

• automatically generate detailed bill and statistics, optimization of the canteen management

• through the data statistics and analysis, provide real and effective data, for the canteen food management optimization

The system can support smart IC card, face recognition, mobile phone NFC, QR code and other modes.

6. Customized bus route

       The residential community can directly cooperate with the Guangzhou public transport "customized bus service" operated by Yang Cheng Tong Company. Users' needs can be collected through the community management page, and exclusive routes can be designed to ensure that the community users can provide "point-to-point" and "safe and punctual" travel services.


"Peer-to-peer" one-stop service. Less customized bus stops, effectively save time and improve travel efficiency.

Cooperation mode of YCT intelligent residential community

Relying on plentiful industry experience and strong technical advantages, YangChengTong company can provide a complete set of technical solutions involving access control, parking lot, multi-storey parking lot, community store consumption, canteen management, customized bus and so on, focusing on providing technical support for the property management side, to help the property management of the community.