1. Background

In the condition of haven`t equipped the bus-mounted monitoring system, the following troubles may exist:

l  The bus operation management team is unable to effectively monitor and solve the problems of public security in the bus carriage, ticket evasion, theft, disputes between drivers and passengers, and so on.

l  In case of a traffic accident such as a scratch or collision of a vehicle, it is difficult to conduct an investigation because of the inability to obtain evidence in a timely manner and identify the responsibility for the accident afterward.

l  The operation and dispatching personnel of the Bus station center cannot grasp the operation situation of each system of the on-board terminal in real-time.

In a word, the traditional bus operation is thought to be a behindhand mode of "not seeing not hearing".


In order to meet the needs of bus operation monitoring, scheduling, security,and anti-terrorism, the intelligent bus monitoring system solution can realize the monitoring of the internal and external driving environment and bus positioning. It can monitor and collect evidence for passengers' evading tickets, disputes between passengers and drivers, theft, terrorist attacks, traffic accidents, etc., so as to facilitate subsequent investigations. At the same time, through the bus video monitoring system, the dispatcher can grasp the bus operation situation in real-time, locate the vehicle, so as to reasonably schedule and arrange the operation plan. By collecting the driving scene of the driver, judge the driving behavior of the driver, so as to supervise the driver to operate according to the traffic rules and realize civilized driving.


2. The necessities of introducing the intelligent bus system


to adapt to the rapid development of urban transportation

to adapt to the needs of generally improving road management in an urban area

to improve the management of public order

to provide convenient and efficient information services for public travel


3. Solutions


Intelligent Bus Monitoring (Scheduling) System


The full set of solutions for the Intelligent Bus Monitoring (Scheduling) System supports PC side Windows Client and mobile side IOS APP. Operators can use computers or mobile phones to remotely monitor vehicles. The system supports real-time positioning, historical track, file download and play, electronic fence, one-button alarm and other features.


8-Channel HD Water-Proof Monitoring System


The 8-channel HD water-proof DVR adopts H.264 compression technology to support real-time remote monitoring. The system supports 8-channel 1080P HD analog input, HD 1080P output display, with the function of 15 seconds pre-recording.


360° Vision System


360°Surround View Camera System can assist drivers to get real surround vision of driving, avoid blind spots and secure driving safety. It's specially designed for trucks, buses, emergency vehicles, etc, easy to install and calibrate. The system also supports 1080P recording, WIFI, GPS tracking.