1. Big Data Analysis of Citizens’ Travel

• YCT Big Data Platform

The platform carries the function of public transportation management, and can provide the decision-making basis for the transportation department, such as bus network planning, schedule arrangement, route design and response measures of subway during peak periods.

According to the data of YCT big data platform, relevant departments or enterprises can provide citizens with the optimal travel route, real-time traffic information, personalized travel bill, travel track, cross-district travel and other services.




2.Biometric Identification Payment System


With advantages of not easy to forget, good anti-counterfeiting performance, not easy to forge or stolen, and other, the system combines computer with optics, acoustics, biosensors and biostatistics principles, and makes use of physiological (e.g. fingerprints, face images, iris, etc.) and behavioral (e.g. handwriting, voice, gait, etc.) characteristics of the human body to identify individuals.


• Facial identification payment system


Yangchengtong cooperated with the leading image recognition and artificial intelligence technology company in China to develop the face recognition payment system, which realized the payment process only takes 0.3 seconds, and has the characteristics of fast speed and high accuracy.

This system takes face features as recognition objects and completes the payment process of users through online or off-line recognition. At present, it has been successfully applied to many staff canteen of companies.


• Palmar Vein Identification Payment System



The YCT Palmar Vein Identification Payment System takes palm vein as the payment authentication carrier. The user only needs to input the mobile phone number of YCT Pay account on the palm vein device and input the palm vein information to complete the binding between YCT Pay account and palm vein, and then the whole process of hand scanning and consumption can be completed in about one second.