Independent development,

large card volume,

the body can be used for advertising

Applicable Places: transport hub stations, travel distribution centre, convenience stores, property hallway, supermarkets, printing shops, exhibition activities, staff restaurant, etc.

At present, about 200 sets of the machine have been laid in Guangzhou, covering long-distance passenger stations, tourist information centers, shopping malls, hotels, expressway service areas and other places, which are well received by users. In addition, the equipment has been sold to Foshan, Yunfu and other places in Guangdong Province.



Supporting card selling(purchase) card, recharge and pre-recharge,real-name authentication etc.

Body Size WHD


Card Volume

≤ 8 card slots (4 slots for general type;the other 4 slots for specific type of card)

≤8 types of card are available

>150 cards per slot

Communication   Code

2/3/4G、LAN etc.

Screen   Interaction

19 "widescreen, touch screen

Contact-less IC Card Communication Protocol

Supporting YCT/ Linnan Pass; ISO14443 TYPE   A/B

The   third-party payment platforms

WeChat & Alipay

Electric   Parameter

operating voltage:220V~,

working current:0.4A,


Unlock   Options