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l Functions and features: 

A light-weight "personalized card device", is suitable for use in the desktop batch IC card read-write. Applicable to the vast majority of the RFID industry, the device can support non-contact reading and writing of IC cards and other operations. The device can also perform secondary personalization, card quality control and card program removal.

At present, the product has been successfully put into use in many enterprises, such as Guangzhou YangChengTong Co., LTD., Guangdong Linnan Pass Co., LTD., Foshan Guangfotong Electronic fee Charging Operation Co., LTD., Fuzhou Rongchengtong Co., LTD., etc. The total number of cards issued has exceeded 400,000. The equipment is mature in technology, stable in operation and excellent in quality, and has been well received by users!


Body Size

WHD & weight

282*298*112mm,  6.5KG

Card Specification

Default Thickness:0.8mm,with an allowable error of ±0.1mm

* In case of special card issuing requirements, it can be customized and the adjustable range is 0.6mm-1.5mm

Card Volume for Issuing

150~250 items(counted with standard thickness of 0.8mm)

Card Volume for Recycling

(standard equipped with one slot)

150 items

Volume for Quality Defects

40 items

Read and Write Card Module Interface

Serial interface (standard equipped)

USB 2.0(ISO14443-TYPE A/B/C、NFC etc.)

Software Development

API development interface exposed for third party integration development.

Third party RFID read-write card module can be integrated as required.

The development of upper computer card program can be customized


Connect the computer (upper computer) through USB data cable, and the computer will send the card to the device, read and write IC card and other operations.

Other Uses

Support card inspection: This device can be used to inspect the status or balance of a batch of cards.