• In May, Lingnan·YCT Bus Card, the TSM bus card, issued by YCT was officially launched on Apple pay, and so far, YCT has realized the full coverage of mainstream mobile payment applications in China.


• In February, YCT was awarded the honorary title of "Key Customer of Transaction Bank of 2018" by Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank.

• In April, the project of "Key Technologies and Innovative Applications of Traffic Electronic Payment System based on Mobile Internet" jointly applied by YCT Company, Lingnan Pass Company and Guangdong Road and Transport Affairs Center won the second prize of 2018 Science and Technology Progress of Guangdong Province.

• In July, YCT launched Guangzhou Urban Tourism Cloud Card. The card adopts HCE technology to realize NFC card simulation. In addition to basic card functions, it also adds features such as preferential query of electronic map, intelligent voice guide and so on. It is committed to integrating tourism resources into the online platform

• In October, YCT official proprietary online shopping platform, "YCT Online Mall",was launched on YCT APP.

• In December, the third YCT Developer Conference was held with the theme of "To build Intelligent Traffic Ecology · Create and Enjoy the Future" and the concept of "Service, Innovation, Dedication, Humanity".


• In February, "Guangzhou City Travel Card" was issued.

• In March, YCT QR code has covered Guangzhou public transportation in an all-round way.

• In May, electronic traffic ticket—YCT QR code, and "phisical-to-virtural card transfer" function service were launched. 

• In September, YCT won the title of "Guangzhou Excellent Enterprise"

• In November, YCT·National standard bus card was launched.

• In December, the Union Pay APP QR code for public transport was launched.


• In April, YCT got the honorary title of "2017 Guangzhou Employee Innovation Demonstration Base".

• In August, launched the "YCT QR Code”for public transportation payment, realizing the comprehensive transformation from physical card to virtual card and from swiping card payment to mobile terminal payment.

• In September, YCT obtained the title of "Guangdong Intelligent Transportation Payment Engineering Technology Research Center".

• In November, YCT won the honorary title of "Guangzhou Civilized Unit".


• In May, China Mobile and YCT NFC mobile phone co-branded card was launched.

• In September,  the service of recharge through“QQ wallet”and NFC for YCT Bus Pass was launched.

• In November, YCT QR code payment technical standard for public transportation was issued.


• In January, launched new service of automatic recharge by Alipay .

• In May, "Wo·YCT Pass"was released which based on the "SWP+NFC" technology.

• In August, The company, together with Beijing Wachdata Co., Ltd, launched a smart wearable product "YCT·WATCH" bracelet.

• In November, joint Lingnan Pass Company launched WeChat top-up service. YCT NFC card can be charged in seconds through WeChat payment.


• In October, cooperated with well-known retail chain enterprises such as Familymart, OK Convenience Store and C-STORE to carry out YCT Bus Pass recharge service, adding about 500 service outlets.

• In December, YCT WeChat Official Account was officially launched.


• In June, the "Lingnan · Macao Bus Pass" was launched.


• In June, "Lingnan · Octopus" co-branded CARDS were issued in Guangzhou. (Octopus card is the bus pass card of Hong Kong, China.)

• In October, YCT App and iCarte products on ios platform were released as innovative products for iPhone users.


• In March, YCT won the honorary title of "Guangzhou Civilized Unit".

• Guangdong Lingnan Pass Co., Ltd. was established as a sub-brand of YCT  Company, marking the official launch of public transport one-card project in Guangdong Province

• In December,“Card beeping , Easy Living”- The 10th anniversary of card issuance was held.

• In December, the national service hotline 4008-440-001 was opened to provide a full range of business consulting services.


• In August, "YCT SIMPASS" card was jointly issued with Guangdong • China Telecom and Guangdong • China Mobile, entering a "new era of mobile Payment ".

• In November, the YCT catering pass card customized for the 16th Asian Games realized the electronic management of catering consumption for international events

• Based on Yang Cheng Tong Pass Card Technical Specification, "Linnan Pass" was released in Guangdong province, which realized the traffic interconnection and interworking of many cities in Guangdong province.


• In May, YCT won the title of "Guangzhou E-commerce Model Enterprise".

• In June, cooperated with ICBC and Bank of China, YCT launched Yang Cheng Tong co-branded credit card.

• In December, YCT vending service gained popularity when the city of Guangzhou introduced a new bus and subway fare discount scheme.


• In June, YCT won the "National Gold Card Project Excellent Application Achievement Award".

• In September, YCT was awarded the title of "Guangzhou Workers Pioneer" by Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions.


• In September, more than 300 stores of 7-ELEVEN start offering basic services of YCT Bus Pass.

• In December, the Customer Service Center at Tiyu West Road metro station was opened.


• In July, With the Yang Cheng Tong Online Recharge Project, YCT is the outstanding winner of inaugural " Guangzhou Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award"

• In September, the automatic recharge function independently developed by YCT began to serve.

• In November, Guangfotong Bus Pass based on Yang Cheng Tong Technology System and Yang Cheng Tong System were interconnected, creating a model of connectivity.To achieve the overall development goal of "public transport, telecommunications and business connectivity".


In January, 7-Eleven began to offer 24-hour services of YCT Bus Pass recharge and consumption . The YCT-Merchants cooperation project has been launched. 


In April, the "Guangzhou-Foshan regional public transportation pass card payment system strategic cooperation memorandum" was signed, marking the beginning of regional public transport connectivity between Guangzhou and Foshan city.

• In May, Yang Cheng Tong, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, and Minsheng Bank jointly launched the "Yang Cheng Tong - Bank Co-Branded Pass Card".

• In November,YCT self-service recharge service was launched.


• In July, YCT Public Transportation Payment System was fully put into operation, covering public transport consumption scenes such as buses, subways and ferries. Parking lots, parking meters and public telephones are gradually being put into use.

• In December, YCT won the honorary title of "Guangdong Province social public sector informatization demonstration unit" and "The First Prize of Guangzhou Science and Technology Progress Award".


• In June,the YCT Public Transportation Payment System has been applied to the Pearl River Ferry.

• In October, the circulation of YCT Bus Pass has exceeded 1 million.

• In December,Guangzhou Metro began to trial-run the YCT Public Transportation Payment System. 


• On 30th December, the YCT Public Transportation Payment System was put into use on the No.22, No.107 and No.270 bus lines in Guangzhou, and 3,000 general stored-value cards were launched.


• GUANGZHOU YANG CHENG TONG was established in1999.

• The company started to study the object of non-touched IC card electronic payment technology, and established the Yang Cheng Tong Pass Card Technical Specification.

• The YCT technical specification was put into operation in 2001.

• Since then, the mode of public transportation payment in Guangzhou has entered a period of rapid development.