l   交通收费:

Transportation Charge System


Covering all the modes of public transportation, like bus, metro,water-bus, taxi and long-distance bus, etc.  


l   便民服务:

Service for the Convenience of people:


Public service for the convenience of the citizens, eg. library, stadiums and convenience store.


Recharge and consumption integrate service, eg. Convenience store payment service 


Ticket management of science area, like Baiyunshan scenic spot.


l  互联网+:

“Internet Plus” Mode

  互联网 + 发行, 如TSM 空发卡、羊城通宝在线账户。

Internet + Issuance, eg. TSM Issuance,YCT-Pay App

  互联网 + 充值,如 NFC 空中充值、SWP+NFC 空中圈存。

Internet+Recharging, eg. NFC recharging, SWP+NFC Credit for LOAD

  互联网 + 消费,如二维码、刷 NFC 手机上车。

Internet + Consuming, eg. QR Code , NFC payment.

  互联网 + 客服,如微信公众号(在线咨询、余额查询、转账充值、个性 DIY)。

Internet + Customer Service, eg. Wechat official account, including online consultation, balance enquiry,transfer and recharge.


l   场景化构建

Business Scope of YCT and Scenario-Based Construction

1. +生活服务(电商平台、社区团购、城市通等)

    + Life Services(E-commerce Platform, Community Group Purchase, City-Pass, etc.)

2. +出行服务(共享单车、网约车)

    + Mobility Services(Bicycle Sharing,Online Car-hailing )

3. +企业服务(门禁、饭堂应用)

    + Enterprise Service(Access Control,Staff Restaurant)

4. +民生服务(社保卡、学生卡、优抚卡、残疾人卡)

    + People's Livelihood ( Social Security Card, Student Card, Honor Card, The Disabled Card )

5. +旅游服务(广州城市旅游卡)

    + Travel Service (City Travel Card )

6. +银行(银行联名卡)

    + Bank (Co-branded Bank Card )

7. +手机通信(手机联名卡、如联通咩咩卡)

    + Mobile Communication (Co-branded SIM Card)

8. +智能穿戴产品(拉卡拉手环、华米手环)

      + Smart Wearable Products(Smart Band)

9. +跨境通行(与新加坡互联互通卡)

    + Cross-Border Traffic (traffic connectivity with Singapore)