Guangzhou Yang Cheng Tong Co., Ltd (YCT)
Guangzhou Yang Cheng Tong Co., Ltd (YCT) , founded in 1999 and held by Guangzhou Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Metro, is the builder and operator of Guangzhou public transport electronic payment system, as well as the development and core technical support corporation of Public transport interconnection payment system. YCT can provide the public with YCT bus card issuance, recharge, consumption, customer service, electronic payment clearing and settlement, and other diversified ···


YCT Multifunctional Kiosk
Context of use:transportation hub stations travel distribution centre convenience stores property hallway supermarkets printing shops exhibition activities staff restaurant etc.
Bus-mounted Vending Machine
Context of use:Inside the bus bus station supermarket enterprise lobby exhibition hall staff canteen etc.
Light-weight Customized Card Issuing Equipment
A light-weight "personalized card device", is suitable for use in the desktop batch IC card read-write.
Guangzhou Travel Card
Guangzhou Travel Card is issued by Guangzhou Yangchengtong Co.Ltd under the guidance of Tourism Administration of Guangzhou Municipality. It can be used on Guangzhou Metro Bus and Waterbus multi times for free within the period of validity. Card holde


Staff Restaurant
Intelligent Residential Community
Scenic Spots Ticket Management
Advanced Public Transportation



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